"This guy’s a lot less human-friendly!”

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Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi for Empire Magazine.

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(A whouffaldi fanmix for the Doctor’s unspoken desires, fantasies and frustrations.) {listen}

i. Madness - Muse / ii. Darts of Pleasure - Franz Ferdinand /
iii. Overjoyed - Bastille /  iv. One More Night (Maroon 5 cover) - Boyce Avenue / v. Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys / vi. Babydoll - The Fratellis / vii. Yes - Coldplay / viii. Monster - Imagine Dragons / ix. Time Is Running Out - Muse / x. Sleep - My Chemical Romance /


[ships thing]

[condescending fan voice] did you know there’s a thing called FRIENDSHIP????


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Everything’s got to end sometime; otherwise nothing would ever get started.

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"This guy’s a lot less human-friendly!”

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Why are you convinced 12 will still have a sort of romance with Clara. Wouldn't the show be better without it? (curious not trying to sound judgmental)


(well i’m convinced because of the leaked scripts and episodes) but no that’s a fair question; the show itself and its origins are not centered around romance like - it isn’t a teen drama. but i don’t ship the doctor/clara in that kind of sense. what i like about clara and the doctor is the fact that they are polar opposites in what they are. eleven was the most alien doctor we’ve had in new who, and clara has been the most grounded of the companions so far. so what i really enjoy about their relationship is what it shows about their individual characteristics - for instance, we never saw the doctor struggle more at being/acting human than when he was eleven with clara.

they had so many beautiful moments where they contrasted so clearly with one another, such as “be a doctor” in the 50th anniversary, and when he sends her away in time of the doctor, and even simple things like her only allowing him to pick her up on wednesdays. and what is interesting about this contrast is that for the first time, rather than seeing the companion embrace all of time and space they way they have all done, clara forces the doctor to embrace his humanity. she made him punctualfor christ’s sake - she made the man who essentially owns all of time and space punctual. she, in a lot of ways, makes him a better person. so what i love to watch is the development the characters go through using each other, and the doctor in particular, considering we’ve never seen him develop the way he has with clara because nobody’s ever rivaled him the way she has. she has her own rules and boundaries and life, and she refuses to throw that away for him.

short answer, no, i don’t think the show would be better off without their relationship - i think we would miss a lot of vital, subtle character insights and developments without it. and i think a lot of what we saw like that from eleven was precisely because he did have romantic feelings for her - the hardest time we ever saw the doctor go through was when he was without her in ttoftd, and how he sent her away because he’d rather she hate him than have to bury her himself. and i think the consequences of eleven’s actions will be extremely interesting to see play out through twelve, who will be looking back on those moments with a different pair of eyes - without spoiling anything, i think how twelve perceives those events, and what he went through with clara, plays an important role into his new personality overall, and i think the fact that she could have died for him - numerous times - is going to impact the way he interacts, protects, and trusts her now.

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11th Doctor and Clara Oswald + Height Difference

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these photos aren’t helping with the Whouffaldi obsession

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7/30/14 EW photoshoot (x)

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