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Anonymous sent: Blue. Mirror.


"I’ve got a question to ask you," she says the night after the bank robbery, sounding slightly aggressive. He’s parked in her bedroom again and she’s running a brush through her hair.

"Should I sit?" He asks distractedly, examining her curling iron. "Is this going to take long? How about you start now and I’ll come back in five minutes and give you a vague, unhelpful answer."

"You hate yourself." It’s a statement, not a question, but it forces him to listen. "Why did you say that?" 

It’s not what he was expecting - not that he ever knows what to expect with her, regardless - but he replies unapologetically, “Because it’s the truth.”

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How the heck do you expect me to read this?

How the heck do you expect me to read this?

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Anonymous sent: question: your post about "clara's eyes were avid on the doctor" - i am a whoufflepuff, but the thing is, and i hate to play the devil's advocate, but what if she was just trying to figure out what he wanted most?

Oh no, that’s also how I read it! But you know, when it’s 1 am and ya ship ‘em - avid = heart eyes.

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No but okay when the Doctor told everyone to picture what they wanted more than anything else, Clara looked over to him. Does it need to be spelled out any more than that?

Just in case someone wanted it literally spelled out

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me: hey i’m kinda good at this writing thing
*reads other people’s writing*
me: i am a literary potato

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clarainthelibrary replied to your post “I just got the markings back on my summer creative writing portfolio…”

I really don’t get this “too cliché” thing. I personally love clichés if they’re well done.

IKR? I mean you do need to be careful not to use too many, but they can be a bit of a crutch. IDK, I didn’t see anything wrong with the ones I used, but maybe I need to “open my eyes” and “see the light” or whatever

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Also be careful when deciding who to listen to when having your writing critiqued. It’s never easy, but I think your gut says a lot too

Yes, good advice! I’m really mad because one of the notes one my favorite piece (the one I posted a while back that may or may not have been inspired by a certain OTP of mine) says “drop this paragraph at the end - it kills the mood” but I ADDED IT BECAUSE I RECEIVED COMMENTS THAT IT WOULD BE USEFUL SO I’M PEEVED

lol I’m usually not so tetchy with criticism I don’t know what my deal is

I think it’s because they gave me a fucking B you know what fuck you Scotland

(shit do you think Scotland heard me?)

(just kidding Scotland I love you let me come back)

PS if you don’t know my personally 90% of this is me being purposefully melodramatic because I think that’s funny for some reason

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If this whole thing is Moffat’s version of “no romance,” then I seriously want to know what his version of “romance” would be. Whoufflé lives.

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Time Lord of the Dance :D